Take My Junk UAE
We service homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and anywhere else you can find unwanted Junk.


Each one of our crew members is trained to make sure your Junk is removed in a fast and efficient way. You point out the Junk, we remove. It’s that easy.​
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800-JUNK (5865)

SMS ONLY 056 808 Junk (5865)

We give new life to your Junk and keep it far from the Landfill.

​​A logistics team of like minded people make your experience one that you will want to share with others.

Whether you are moving or just cleaning up, and have a pile of Junk that you need removed, give us a call. Our fleet of trucks and men are at your service 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm.
Call Us for a FREE collection!​  050 179 4045 or 800 Junk (5865) or 050 395 5865


Our award winning experience from North America provides a service to UAE residents that will be hassle free. We know how valuable your time is and respect that.​


You can depend on us to provide reliable and prompt Junk removal services.​ When you need to de-clutter in an organized way, we are the people to call.​​
Junk Removal Abu Dhabi