Take My Junk UAE
The stuff we don’t take:
  • Anything flammable like petrol
  • If you live in the following areas, please email security for a pass before scheduling a collection: 
    • DIFC (index tower and surrounding buildings that need a tunnel pass) 
    • Jumeirah islands
    • Palm jumeirah
    • Reem island
  • Hand guns
  • Grass, trees, branches from gardening
  • Wine, alcohol or beer
  • Construction waste material like cement
  • Disassembled wardrobes or furniture.
  • We also don’t collect from buildings where a small truck is required to remove stuff from the basement.
  • Dismantled wardrobes or furniture unless you send us a before and after pic
We service homes, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and anywhere else you can find unwanted Junk.
​​Before availing our services, you should know a few things:
  • Due to insurance reasons we don’t remove bulky furniture from staircases of apartment buildings. (as long as there’s an elevator that the items can fit in, its okay) If you can get the items down, we will collect. If you cant bring them down and desperately need the items gone, the guys usually charge about 100aed to 200aed (depending) and then carefully remove. For villas, our guys will bring down the stuff and collect.
  • If a pass is required, please try to have the pass ready
Here are the items which we take:
  • All type of Clothing. Please try to put them into a bag
  • Office furniture – chairs, free standing desks, pedestals, filing cabinets, stationary etc
  • Home and Garden furniture (rusted rattan chairs, tables etc. are not a problem)
  • All types of toys and puzzles. Try to pack the puzzle boxes so the pieces don’t get lost.
  • Kitchenware (Plates, cups, spoons, etc.)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Linens and toiletries (We even accept 50% used shampoo bottles from homes)
  • Electronics and Mobile phones: Working or non-working Cell Phones, Computers and laptops
  • All types of home appliances. Working or not working, such as washing machines, DVD players, microwaves, stereos, televisions, refrigerators, etc.
  • All types of books such as novels, story books, school textbooks of all curriculums
  • Rusted bicycles, gazebos and trampolines
  • Cardboard from a move? Yes but try to compress them and make a pile so less space is taken. Packing material must be removed from the boxes.
Call Us for a FREE collection!​  050 179 4045 or 800 Junk (5865) or 050 395 5865
Security Pass:
  • DIFC (Index tower and surrounding buildings where loading is from the tunnel. You must apply via security for a tunnel pass.
    1. Add us on Whatsapp
    2. You will receive our driver’s info. 
    3. Apply to receive RDS number
    4. Send RDS number to us 1 day before collection
  • For Junk Collection - Jumeirah Islands
    - A email must be sent and a reply will be received from Nakheel immediately
    - However, for collection from Jumeirah Park, Palm Jumeirah, and JVT you must just send an email. There is no receipt required from Nakheel
  • For Junk Collection - JBR
    - An email must be sent to Taziz 
    - A permit number will be received
    - As per Taziz policy – No service will be applicable on Friday and post 5PM on a weekdays
  • For Junk Collection - Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
    - Email to be sent to Khidmah
  • For Junk Collection - Al Reef Villas
    ​- When sending your details, your name is also required. No Service on Friday